Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little Bit Of Pink In A World Of Blue

   I am a mom. Not just any mom, but a mom to three wonderful, rambunctious, silly, outrageous, insane, handsome, and down right crazy boys. But boys are all I know. I am the little bit of pink in their big blue world. I've tried (much to my husbands dismay) to get them to do girly things that I like to do such as painting our toenails, and playing with baby dolls. But it always remains the same, they are boys, creatures from another planet to me, and they will always want to do boy things. I know I'm not the only mom out there that feels this way and I'm hoping others will come forward and maybe even offer up some advice or share your own experiences. I want to show that being a mom of boys can be the greatest thing in the world! There are lots of things to do with boys and I will be sharing new ideas everyday. Thanks for stopping by, please come again soon!


  1. I'm a mom to two boys and one girl. I love all of my blessings. They each offer so much to our family! :-). As you know, boys rock! They get dirty but give hugs that melt a mama's heart. I look forward to reading your blog. I'm your newest follower!! :-)

  2. Nice new blog. I like your style.
    I have one daughter but lots of nieces and nephews. Being a mom is the greatest thing that will happen in our lives.