Monday, October 1, 2012

Playing Dress Up {Boy Style}

   With Halloween right around the corner I thought I'd share this little Mom to Mom Tip. As a mom, Halloween can be one of the funnest holidays to celebrate. When we have kids we just can't wait for that first time that we get to relive our childhood by going trick-or-treating with our own little ones. We spend lots of money or lots of time and hard work on these adorable costumes that will wear only once. So what do you do with the costumes afterwards? Here's what I do.

   When you think of playing dress up, you think of little girls wearing frilly princess dresses and having elaborate tea parties. (At least that's what I think of) Why does dress up have to be only for girls? My boys love to dress up and play make believe. It strengthens their imagination and it keeps them occupied for longer than a few seconds (*bonus*). Its not easy to find dress up clothes for boys, stores seem to have a very limited selection. So I made a box of all their old Halloween costumes. All my hard work and money spent on these costumes was just wasted before. Now they play with them year round! How to do it: When you buy or make costumes, make sure they are a size or 2 bigger so that they can be worn again even if they get a little bigger. I try to buy costumes with accessories (like masks, hats, arm pieces, tools, etc.) because these make for great additions to the dress up box. Create a box especially for this activity and then keep it in a closet so it can be easily accessed and easily put away.

   Check out these costumes that are currently available in our dress up box.

{Dragon Costume from the movie
"How To Train Your Dragon"}
{This is a Homemade Costume for Frankenstein}
{This was not a Halloween Costume but I thought I'd add it in anyway,
This was a Navy Uniform that we made for Veterans' Day}
{IronMan Costume}
{My Personal Favorite: The Alien, This is also a homemade costume}


  1. Those costumes are awesome. We got a fantastic costume for my son (he is turning 6 the day before Halloween) last year. It's this crazy skeleton wraith scary thing and he just loves it. It's big enough to last the next three years! I'm visiting from the Super Sunday Sync (a bit late!) and I'm now following you. Would love for you to come visit us.

    Renee @

  2. Thanx so much for stopping by! I'm a follower of you as well.

  3. love this post!

    we do the same thing with our daughter :]

    such fun! and zoo great for the imagination.

    just fyi: target dollar section every now and again has super cute randoms for dress-up play like glasses/goggles, funky socks, and head wear (hats, silly "ears", bow ties/ties, etc...)

    cute blog, glad i found it!


  4. Thanx for the tip, I will have to check that out next time I'm at target. Thanx for stopping by!

  5. LOVE IT. These are great! Following from the Friday hop--have a great weekend!

  6. That's a great idea for reusing costumes. You're totally right that Halloween costumes do generally only get one use and then....well, I actually don't even know whatever happened to the costumes I used as a kid. Thanks for sharing with Monday Mom Musings this week.